When people are in their 50s and 60s or older, they think, “This is all I have — this is all it’s going to be, and it’s the best it’s gonna be.”

The idea behind Empire Longevity is that you have much better years ahead of you.

You have decades in front of you, which you can be better at.

Once you come and join us and learn from people who are doing just that: taking steps in their own longevity on a daily basis.

One of the cool things we have right now is that you can go to YouTube and find our Empire Longevity channel.

We’ve got some cool videos up there, and I want you to be able to enjoy them.

We’re going to be interviewing some of the leaders in longevity.

We’re gonna have some neat, neat ideas that you’re going to be able to implement and use easily.

I’m Dr. Otto Janke and I look forward to helping you in your next best decades.