Your own health is a critical aspect of your longevity. There is no other way around it. To be able to enjoy longevity, to squeeze the sparks out of days, months, years and decades you have to make your own personal health a priority. From the times that you want to spend with your friends or grandchildren, to the moments of catching your favorite team finally winning the title, to worlds you get to explore when you are reading your favorite reads – ALL of this, to be enjoyed to their fullest, is predicated on your health. Great health. Your best health.

But on your way TO that health many, many people are stopped in their tracks of life as they just don’t know what to do or where to go. So they park. We all WANT to fully enjoy life. We all WANT to fully participate in our own days, but as has happened in numerous situations, people will pull over to the side of the road in life when they wanted to be in the fast lane. When you pull over, just like on the highway, you put your car into park. You put your life into park. No one gets anywhere when you are in park. Some of us make the parking lane our final destination although we have the fuel, the gps, and the intention to fulfill our initial plans.

So where to start.

The core of Empire Longevity is the Pyramid of Health. This diagram is a simple, daily viewable sign of where you can go, what we can do, and a beacon to keep us on track.


At the top of the pyramid is MINDFULNESS. We, you and me, and millions upon millions of us, need to take a regular and consistent practice to take our head out of our daily thinking and let it rest, think positively, and simply get out of our daily overload of STUFF. This can easily be done with meditation. We started a meditation group over 2 years ago. Having never been successful at meditation, I found using guided meditation to be the most effective form for me. Prayer. Chanting. Singing. Or maybe pushing your brain even farther by playing music for enjoyment. All of these can give your brain time away from your daily life.

The next step down on the pyramid is MOTION. Something. Something! It doesn’t have to be a fully engaged, hard core in the depths of an abandoned warehouse work out with two light bulbs that barely show the dirty, dusty floors to make it a workout. We DO recommend you try to fit the 5 Aspects of Physical Health into your daily program. The 5 are: Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Posture. We will take numerous deep dives into these.

Next is ROCKET FUEL. There is a way of eating that has been shown to prevent and reverse heart disease, has the ingredients in it to decrease cancer, to decrease inflammation, and even lose weight, although of all the reasons given above, the losing weight may be actually the least reason to engage in this eating plan. The plan is extremely simple: WHOLE FOODS, PLANT BASED. Eat more plants be it vegetable or fruits. Organic as much as possible. There will be some contributing authors who do eat animal proteins, they do not make them the focus of their plate and do recommend more of us eating more plants. YES, we will take a number of deep dives into this.

The foundation and the base of the pyramid is AN OPTIMIZED NERVOUS SYSTEM. Simply put, if your nervous system isn’t optimized, you can’t be either. We will show and discuss Heart Rate Variability through Empire Longevity as it is one of the simplest ways to tell the story of you, and your nervous system. Get this foundation down, and we have an opportunity for all of the other steps to work even better and then make a bigger impact for you.

Each of these layers will be seen through Empire Longevity either obviously, or not so obviously, but none the less, they are the core platform the physical aspect of Empire Longevity is based on.